After a trip to the local frozen yogurt shop left Vedder's founder, Ashley Vedder, and her family with belly aches and a sleepless night, Vedder had an epiphany. Why on Earth was it so difficult to find a non-dairy ice cream without cane sugar that would leave dessert advocates feeling healthy and guilt-free? Not to mention, one that actually tasted like real ice cream? After in depth research, Vedder soon discovered that cane sugar has been determined to cause the brain to rot - sugar addiction, decreased cognition, tension, depression, dementia, and memory loss were side effects of its consumption. She began working on her vegan recipes, sweetened with dates and maple syrup, right away.

The driving force behind a nutrition specific ice cream line is more personal than the single frozen yogurt belly ache incident. Vedder's husband, Justin, was diagnosed with young-onset Parkinson's in 2014 and developing healthy eating plans has been crucial to slowing the progression of the disease. Each ice cream flavor caters to his plan as a limited ingredient dessert option.

A portion of Vedder's sales goes to The Michael J. Fox Foundation. Read more here.